Taxi and Tours

Stryver's Taxi and Tours as it is called, is a very reliable and dependable taxi service. It is very efficient and gets you there on time.  We will always strive to get you there on time and to do so in a very safe manner. Wherever you want to go or be picked up from, we are there to take you in style and comfort with our air conditioned vehicles.

Services are provided to and from the Maurice Bishop Int'l Airport, the Malls, the city of St. George's, etc. Island tours can also be arranged to special places of interest.

Long story short, you are here to discover all the beauty the island of Grenada has to offer, with the most reliable, efficient and affordable taxi and touring company. 

To make your reservation, please call anyone of the following phone numbers: 

Cell:  (473) 404-0175, 416-7552 or 421-2326  

Home: (473) 440-1465

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